WOOM Bikes

At Bike Your City, we want the best bikes. So when the team members became parents, it was only natural that they wanted the best for their children too. Today, we are proud to be the Belgian representatives of Woom, quality, safe and fun children bikes.

The lightest bikes for fun learning

The first thing that strikes you about Wooms is how light they are. The bikes are made of ultra-light aluminium to accompany the child in his discovery of balance. His bike is no longer a heavy weight that could slow him down in his learning process. Without the constraint of a machine that is difficult to handle, children have fun while learning. How many delighted parents (and proud, I might add) have told us how their toddler, who was initially reluctant, learned to ride his Woom in two hours.

Woom, the bike really designed for children

For the bike geeks we are, a strong argument is that Woom is a brand dedicated to children. It’s all about kids and its engineers are focused on designing bikes that are tailored to their specific needs. 90% of the components are designed specifically for children and made exclusively for Woom.
Frame geometry, essential when it comes to feel, must ensure optimal and intuitive control: low entry, low crankset, low crank and pedal spacing, ergonomic saddle, high riding position, adjustable brake lever reach – to name the most important features.

Safety to reassure parents

Do you remember your first fall? Yes, and you don’t really want to relive them as a worried parent.  First of all, the Wooms have real brakes, not the dangerous and unadapted backpedalling that was the norm for a long time. In addition, the Wooms 1, 2 and 3 are equipped with a steering angle limiter to prevent attempts at a 90° turn, which are inevitably followed by a glide, a chin landing and a crying session.
Also in the area of safety, the stem has been specially designed so that no screws protrude, regardless of the model. The same goes for the frame, where the water canister is placed underneath. Our little ones’ knees thank us.

Woom, for all ages of your child

There is a Woom for every age. The draisienne for learning balance, the first pedal bikes, the arrival of gears, the transition to mountain biking … the Woom teams have adapted their bikes to each moment in a child’s life, from 1 ½ years to the end of adolescence.

And as Bike Your City takes back your Woom, you can buy the next one without asking too many questions (good plan for you who read to the end: on specialised platforms, they can be resold for up to 80% of the purchase price).



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