HNF, the bicycle SUV

Is there such a thing as an all-in-one electric bike? Yes, and it’s an HNF! The German brand has teamed up with Nicolai to create the ultimate bike, a real SUV on two wheels, available in 25 Km/H and 45 Km/H.

Robust, reliable and comfortable

Riding an HNF means feeling safe in a flash. Nicolai HNF bikes are built to last and to go anywhere. They are comfortable in the city with their comfortable seating and reliable off the beaten track. Equipped with wide tyres and an extremely soft front suspension, HNF Nicolai bikes can handle rough terrain and bumps without a hitch. Just sit back and enjoy the scenery, the Nicolai HNF take care of the rest.

Powerful and durable

HNF bikes are, of course, equipped with a Bosch motor. But because the best motor brand is not enough, the bike manufacturer has chosen the most powerful motor from Bosch: the Performance CX (up to 85 Newton meters!).

This motor will climb the most beautiful slopes without ever flinching. In addition, the 625 watt battery, the most powerful from Bosch, provides an extraordinary range. The HNF Nicolai’s motor and battery combination will take you and your stuff wherever you want to go: to work, to the beach or to the Ardennes hills for a family picnic.

Top of the range

Already convinced? Wait, there is more. Every element of the Nicolai HNF is the best on the market. On the transmission side, it is equipped with a carbon belt, a small detail that makes a big difference.

Compared to the classic chain, the belt provides an unprecedented comfort for the gear change, while being durable and maintenance-free. The lights are Supernova, the ultimate in bicycle lighting. It offers you a minimum of 235 lumens of pure visibility.

As for the brakes, they are Magura. Doesn’t that tell you something? Talk to your friends who are bike fans and see them drooling with envy (it also works with our mechanics).

If Batman had to ride a bike, it would be an HNF.

Charlie, seller



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