Coboc, the often imitated, never equalled e-bike

Ten years ago, two Germans were looking for a bike that would perform as well in electric mode as in muscle mode. To add to the difficulty, they wanted it to be sleek and stylish, with no visible computer or battery on the frame. Unable to find it, they decided to create it, paving the way for the many e-bike brands that have appeared since.

At Bike Your City, we have remained loyal to them because the original is far superior to the copy.

In-house motor and battery for the lightest possible electric bike

The main characteristic of the Coboc is to be as efficient with assistance as without. To achieve this, you need a light bike and that’s where the problem lies. On average, an electric bike weighs 25 kilos, due to the motor and the battery.
As soon as you switch off the assistance, you need the thighs of a « Flandrien » to carry the bike. The two founders of Coboc, physicists by training, decided to develop their own motor and battery for greater lightness. The result is a featherweight electric bike. One of the lightest Coboc in the range, the Brooklyn Fat, weighs just 13.1 kilos. The others are around 15 to 17 kilos, all loaded with wattage!

Connected bike or not, it’s your choice

Coboc are modern and therefore connected bikes. The manufacturer has developed its own phone application that is directly connected to your bike. The result is a real on-board computer to put in your pocket or on the handlebars: speed, kilometres travelled, etc. All the information of a classic computer is there. The little extra: the application allows you to change the settings of your Coboc (level of assistance and sensitivity of the engine) with a simple swipe.

But don’t panic if you’re not a geek or if you are constantly on the lookout for a charger for your mobile phone, the Coboc, unlike many competitors, can be used without a phone. Motor ignition, assistance level, headlights: with a single button on the frame, you can control your bike without your mobile phone.

The e-bike better than your racing bike

Do you want an e-bike to go to work, but want to be able to continue to exercise the rest of the time? Then you need a Coboc. They are light, as we said. But they are also equipped with components that are worthy of very good road bikes.

The transmission is Shimano Deore or SRAM Gx (the author of these lines dreams at night to have as good on his mechanical bike). For the braking, Coboc’s bikes are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, for a safety of all the moments.

O my bike, tell me why you are the most beautiful? 

Coboc bikes are beautiful and sleek. They are to cycling what Tadao Ando is to architecture: a sleek but sober line, a modern and classy style, without being flashy.

If you were to invent a language for bikes, Coboc would mean « elegant ». Nothing protrudes: no visible battery, no monstrous engine block. Even the rear light is integrated into the mudguard. And let’s talk about the mudguards: their unique design allows you to hang your panniers directly on them, so you don’t have to use a heavy and ungainly luggage rack. So discreet that some of our sales persons haven’t noticed them yet 😉

The fashion is for e-bikes and we are delighted. But as we said at the beginning of this article, the original is better than the copy. To be perfectly frank, we shouldn’t compare them. Coboc and the others it is like Jordan playing at Charleroi, Julia Roberts at the village fair, Messi playing against the Stade Malherbe de Caen (what? I’m told that this is already the case…).



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